Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home Remedies for Skin Tags That You Can Try Easily

Skin tags are small, fleshy, benign growth on the skin. It can appear anywhere on the skin or face. They can be either of the color of your complexion or slightly darker than that and can be as big as a large grape. They are usually very small and grows even slower never exceeding the size of half an inch. Skin tags are movable, soft and appear to be like a part of the skin attached to it by a stalk. Skin tags can be really irritating if they are on your face or at places noticeable. They can also be at inconvenient locations like under your bra or wrist watch strap.

People want them removed for several reasons. Either they are present in a location which stays mostly exposed or they are located on your face. Having a skin tag on your face can be highly annoying. The obvious result will be the need to remove it. Besides their presence in inconvenient location can also be very disturbing. Most of the people don't care if they are present in parts of the body not visible from outside. The most common reason for the need of removal of a skin tag is because they are ugly to look at.

Home remedies for skin tags are available in bulk, but only a few of them are effective. But before you start any attempt to remove it you should make sure that it is really a skin tag and not anything else. If the skin growth suits all the features mentioned above then it is really a skin tag. Now once you are sure there are multiple home made solutions to remove it. The most effective one is to tie it with a clean thread or a dental floss from the base and clip it off with a sterilized pair of scissor or nail cutter. Keep the place clean by using anti bacterial ointment on the area. A skin tag should not reappear at a same spot.

Other home made remedies are also used but are less effective. Keep your skin tag soaked in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Then apply apple cider vinegar on it with the help of cotton and wash off after 10-15 minutes. Pat it dry. Apply cauliflower juice on the tag regularly until it sheds off. Get a Thuja tincture from any herbal store and apply it twice daily. Skin tags will disappear in 2-3 weeks. Try these solutions at home and still if they don't work please refer to a physician. Also read about Natural Rejuvenating Skin Exfoliator.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus - Nail Fungus Effective Natural Treatment

Both in finger nails and in the toenails the infections due to fungus are common. Nail fungus is caused by a group of fungus called dermatophytes. Fungal infection is also known by the name of onychomycosis. Usually fungus grow on the surface of the toe nail and feed on the keratin which is the surface of the toenail due to this reason this fungus infections are very harmful. Mainly the fungus infection infects the two fingers of the toe. They are big toe finger and the small toe finger. Due to toenail fungus there is a discoloration and the disfiguration of the nails. It may be due to hereditary also. It is a contagious disease so avoid coming in contact with the infected person.

Some of the important symptoms of the toe nail fungus are the changes in the color of the affected nails. The color of the affected nail changes to yellow or brown. Some times the thickness of the nail increases and it becomes very difficult and painful to wear shoes. There is an accumulation of foul smelling debris under the nail.

Some of the important causes of the toenail fungus are infection from the damp areas like public gyms, shower stalls or swimming pools. The infection in the toe nail can spread from one toe to another and even to other parts of the body also. It is also caused due to tight fitting shoes and tight hosiery. Other reasons which contribute to its cause may be the abnormal Ph level of the skin. It may also be caused due to not drying off the feet after exercise or bathing and also due top the decreased immunity.

Some of the important home remedies for treating toe nail infection.

1. Listerine mouth wash is also very effective for treating toe nail fungus. Keep your toes in Listerine mouthwash. Your nails will healthier due to its powerful antiseptic leaves.

2. In order to fight fungus tea tree oil is very effective as it is a potent natural antiseptic and fungicide. You must apply undiluted tea tree oil to the infected toe nail or you can also put some drops of tea tree oil on the infected toe and rub it thoroughly.

3. Some precautions and protections are very necessary to reduce the symptom of affected toe. You must put on cotton socks, if your socks are damp then immediately take it off and dry your toe then put on the fresh socks.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Enlarge Breast Size Naturally and Safely

To enlarge the size of the breast there is one popular option that is implants. Women are seeking the way to increase the size of the breast in a natural way as implant or augmentation surgery which results into lots of complications. Each and every person in need wants to apply those remedies for enlargement which are free from any complications.

Woman's self confidence can be really hurt by a small bust and often leads to feeling of depression and inadequacy. Surgical breast enhancement is quite popular but there are many pitfalls included in it. They are like its high costs, health complications and also poor results.

For enlargement of the breast or increase the size of the bust naturally many supplements and pills have emerged which gives effective results naturally and without the needs for implants. Earlier most of the products for this purpose were ineffective but gradually in recent times several products have been produced which gives significant results.

Some herbal products are more promising supplements which increases the breast size naturally or with the help of the natural compounds. It stimulates the mammary tissue growth and thus enhances the breast size. These special herbs are fennel seed, fenugreek, dong quai, kelp contains phytoestrogens which bind to receptors in the mammary gland and it also triggers the growth.

Different women observe different results with the intake of all these natural supplements. They don't have equal affect on different woman. Different woman have different results of these herbal products in the field of breast enhancement. The alternative treatment for breast enhancement is surgery but if any woman can increase the size of the bust with the help of the natural supplements then it's probably worth a shot. Use of herbal and natural products is the best alternative for the enlargement of the breast. Most of the natural and herbal breast enlargement formulas contain vitamins and minerals, and certain herbal extracts. These ingredients don't have any side effects but they offer bigger breasts besides the other health benefits. Many women with enlarged breasts feel confident and self sufficient otherwise they may suffer from the problem of depression also.

In many women, a smaller bust is not a problematic one because smaller bosom is actually preferred by many of the men. But the women wishing or looking to increase the size of the bust, for them natural enhancement products are safe, effective and also an alternative to painful, costly breast augmentation surgery.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do You Know Natural Remedies and Treatment for Scabies?

Scabies are caused by an infestation by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It is a condition in which there is an itching in the skin. Mite produces intense itching by burrowing in the skin especially at night. They are the parasites which are small, tiny, eight-legged and just 1/3 millimeter long. Mites that cause scabies are not visible with naked eyes. It is highly infectious skin disease.

Under the most favorable conditions the scabies can live off their host only for 24-36 hours as they are very sensitive to their environment. It is transmitted by close contact from person to person in different varieties of skin. Scabies can be caught even by shaking hands, sharing bed clothes which are having mites etc. Commonly it is transmitted by sexual contact. It can also be spread even when a mother hug their child. Any person cannot be infected by mites with close contact to animals as the animals are not the source of spreading mites. Human and animals are having different types of mites.

Scabies affect the specific areas of the body. They are the skin rash which is composed of blisters and red bumps. It affects wrists and the back of the elbows, webs between the fingers, the axillary folds, the sides and the backs of the feet, the buttocks, the genital area, the knees, the waist and on the face, neck, palms and soles of the feet in infants. Even if there are hundreds of bumps and pimples there are only 10-15 live mites. The most common symptom of the scabies is itching. Initially the itching is subtle but gradually after few weeks the condition becomes more intense and the sleep becomes almost impossible.

It is best to treat the scabies naturally by diet, herbal and all the natural treatments.

Garlic is the most important and effective as an anti-parasite and antibiotic nutrient. So increase the intake of garlic. Avoid the intake of sugar, refined flour, processed food and dairy as it will suppress our immune system. Intake of zinc is essential as zinc is having the property of repairing tissue. For getting soothing effect on the skin, make use of comfrey leaves or calendula. You can also use Golden seal for the treatment of scabies. It can be either indigested or applied topically. Primrose oil is also very effective for the treatment of scabies, any type of skin infection including acne.

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Do You Know Natural Remedies and Treatment for Rosacea?

Rosacea is the condition of the skin which is chronic. Mostly fair skinned people get affected by this problem especially women between the ages of 30 and sixty. In the initial stage of this problem pimples may appear on the skin and after that there is a facial redness on the central part of the face and across the cheeks, forehead and nose also. It may also affect the neck, chest ears and the scalp. If there is a development of rosacea then along with it other symptoms may also develop like red gritty eyes, burning and stinging sensation, red nose and also semi permanent redness.

Many natural treatments are there which will help the affected people to get rid of these problems. Although total cure is not possible but many good treatments are there which will help the people to relieve from the symptoms of rosacea. If this problem is not treated properly then the symptoms of rosacea may become aggravated and can recur more frequently and sometimes it becomes permanent.

1. With the help of mild cleanser, clean your skin gently. Do not scrub, rub or massage your face. Totally avoid the use of the facial products and also the cosmetics which contain alcohol, menthol or eucalyptus oil.

2. Always prefer to eat the food at room temperature. Allow the steaming hot beverages to cool down. This will also reduce the affect on your skin.

3. In order to treat rosacea in a effective way you must avoid overheating. Always prefer to stay indoors in a cool, on hot in an air conditioner and apply water or a cool towel in a humid day on the affected sites.

4. After taking large meals take one teaspoon of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and mix with water and drink. You can also apply the Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the affected area with the help of the clean cotton ball.

5. Due to the sun there may be a condition of aggravated rosacea. So you must apply a quality product sunscreen each and every time you go outdoors irrespective of the condition of weather.

6. You can also apply liberal amount of aloevera gel on the affected skin. It may help to reduce itching, redness and also it can effectively treat the rosacea.

7. Intake of certain foods can aggravate the condition. So be watchful on your diet and try to avoid dairy foods.

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6 Useful Natural Remedies for Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae technically which are actually ingrown hair that is the growth of the hair back into the skin. This condition of the growth of hair may be the result of number of things but one main and common reason for this condition may be the shaving. Due to blade-shaving hair is cut at such an angel that it becomes sharp and sometimes grow back into the skin leading to bumps. There may be other reasons also like stretching skin during shaving, usage of a dull blade, improper use of razor etc. due to razor bumps, not only skin gets irritated but sometimes it is very painful also.

It can be safely and effectively cured by some natural remedy. In this condition the skin gets irritated and develops cysts, pustules, papules and pimples. Some natural remedies are very helpful in the treatment of razor bumps.

1. Add 3 drops of glycerin, one-fourth cup warm water and also two crushed tablets of aspirin. Stir all the ingredients properly until the aspirin tablet is dissolved completely. With the help of cotton balls apply the prepared mixture on the affected area. It will give soothing effect to your irritated skin.

2. Dissolve two uncoated crushed aspirins tablets in the warm water. Make a runny paste and rub it on the affected area or newly shaved areas. Leave it for five minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

3. Mix the following essential oil to prepare the mixture to reduce the affect of razor bumps. Take lavender oil which has the property of healing, chamomile which restricts the problem of inflammation, and also the tea tree which is an effective antiseptic. When all the three oils are mixed together and applied on the irritated skin then it will give soothing effect on your skin. If the condition deteriorates then you may consult to a dermatologist.

4. You can cut a leaf of aloe vera plant and open it wide. Squeeze out the gel from the leaf and then apply this gel on your razor bumps. Allow this gel to dry on your skin. It will treat the problem effectively.

5. You can also use iodine, tea tree oil or any alcohol based aftershave on the affected area. It will prevent the razor bumps from getting infected.

6. If any person is prone to razor bumps then don't shave regularly. Make a habit to shave after the gap of 2-3 days.

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Do You Know Toenail Fungus Natural Remedies and Treatments?

Usually nail fungus is caused by very small, tiny organisms which infect the toenails and the fingernails. Worldwide it is very famous and it is also known as Onychomycosis. It occurs below the toenails or fingernails. At times it takes a lot of time to cure fully. The growth of the toenail fungus accelerates in dark, warm and moist area. So the person who wear constantly shoes also in the warmer climate suffers from toe nail fungus infections.

Most of the common cause of toenail fungus infections -

1. Risk of toe nail fungus infection increases when for a long or extended period your feet remain damp.

2. It is necessary to dry the shoes after a short interval as wearing the same shoes daily without drying it may result into the toenail fungus infection.

3. If you are having a break in your nail then there is a possibility of the toenail fungus infection to occur.

4. Weak toenails which is the result of wearing tight- fitting shoes.

5. When any person cut their toenails extremely close to the skin it results into multiple small cuts in the skin. Due to these cuts the possibilities of toenail fungus infection increases.

Some of the most important signs which indicate toenail fungus -

1. Toenail becomes brittle.

2. Due to fungal infection a person while walking feels a stinging pain in the skin under their toenails.

3. Toenails become flaky.

4. There is a presence of black, yellow and brown tinge or spots over the toenails.

5. While wearing shoes there is a feeling of pain or thickness in the toenails.

6. A feeling of bad smell under the toenails.

7. Toenails gradually keep getting chipped.

Some of the natural treatments are available which will help in treating the toenails.

A mouth wash Listerine is very effective in the treatment of toenails. Soak your toenails in the mouthwash for about 20 minutes at least twice a day. Then wipe your toenails and toes with a dry towel. The antiseptic effect of the mouth wash will help the toenails to eradicate the fungus.

The oil of the tea tree is having the properties of fungicide and antiseptic. You can rub the affected toenail with a cotton ball which is dipped in the tea tree oil. Practice this solution at least twice a day in the morning and in the night just before going to bed.

You can also soak your affected toenails into alcohol for 20 minutes and also rub it. Dry your toe nails or toes by using super absorbent paper towels.

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